Adding records with date ranges or 'vague dates'

If you need to add records for a date range (e.g. from pitfall traps) or using a 'vague date' (e.g. where only the year or month is know, not a precide date) you can do so.

A form is avaiable in the Activities list called "Enter a list of records for a site using a date range". You can find this by going to Activities - Browse all activities, and searching for the word "vague". Or go direct to this link:

This form is identical to the main "Enter a list of records" form, except that it accepts ranges and vague dates.

The following date formats should be accepted by this form (but please let us know if you encounter any problems with these):

  • Standard date: 23/03/1987
  • Standard date range: 23/03/1987 to 30/03/1987
  • Month: Mar 1987
  • Month range: Mar 1987 to Jun 1987
  • Season + year: Summer 1987
  • Year: 1987
  • Year range: 1981 to 1987
  • Up to year: -1987
  • Unknown: Unknown (or just “U”)